Excellent quality hay to suit all requirements

As well as supplying haylage we also sell hay at Newhall Farm. 

Similarly,  our hay  is produced with high quality at the forefront in order to ensure the best possible product.

Why feed hay rather than haylage?

Due to the lower nutritional values of hay it is particularly beneficial to the following: small ponies,  laminitics, horses in light work, horses on box rest, overweight horses and horses that become too excitable when fed haylage.

Our Hay Range

Small Bale Hay

Our small bale hay is ideal for feeding one or more horses. It is especially popular due to the ease of handling and storage. It provides fresh fodder and less wastage. Perfect for both travelling and around the yard. These packs are also suitable for small pets.

Large Bale Hay

Our large round bales of hay measure approximately 1.2m in diameter and are very tightly packed. These bales are suitable when feeding several horses.

Newhall Farm Hay can either be collected by the customer or delivery direct to your stable can be arranged. *Delivery is subject to a minimum order depending on location.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all your requirements.