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We supply haylage and hay to the equestrian industry, both in small and large bales. 


What is the difference between Haylage and Hay?


The main difference between haylage and hay is the moisture content of the preserved grass.  Hay is produced from grass which is dried to a moisture content of around 14% whereas haylage should have a moisture content of 40-60%.  Haylage is wrapped in plastic in order to prevent aerobic spoilage and to preserve it.  This higher moisture content means that haylage is a much closer match to a horse’s natural diet of grass, in terms of both nutritional value and palatability.  For more information on feeding haylage to your horse please click here.


Advantages of Haylage over Hay


  • It is dust free
  • More palatable
  • High nutritional value
  • Less waste
  • Can be stored outside


Newhall Farm


At Newhall Farm we have many years experience in producing high quality haylage and hay.  We understand that good quality forage is the most important aspect of a horse’s diet and therefore work hard to ensure consistency throughout our produce.  Our haylage is made from well managed grassland grown specifically for the production of forage.  All the stages of haylage and hay production are carried out by ourselves at Newhall Farm allowing us to harvest the crop ourselves at the optimum time resulting in the best possible forage.  This also allows us to monitor quality throughout the entire process, thus ensuring a top quality end product.


Wrapped haylage stores well and maintains its high nutritional value over a long period of time.  However, once opened the quality of the haylage deteriorates rapidly.  Depending on weather conditions, an open bale of haylage should be used up within 10-20 days.  With this in mind it is important that the correct bale size is chosen to fulfil your requirements.

Small Bale Haylage

Our small bales of haylage are ideal for feeding to one or more horses/ponies.  Small bale haylage is particularly useful for travelling and eventing as it is easy to handle, clean and ensures minimal wastage.  Another benefit is that the bales can be delivered where vehicular access is restricted.

Large Bale Haylage


Our large round bales of haylage measure 120cm in diameter and weigh approximately 400kg.  These bales are ideal for feeding three or more horses.

Newhall Farm Haylage can either be collected by the customer or delivery direct to your stable can be arranged.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss all your haylage requirements.


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